Noted below are non-solicited comments made by internal and external customers that demonstrated goals were being met and issues were getting resolved. Normally one never shares this. My job is to be grateful and look towards successfully closing Projects in the future, not resting on the past.  Therefore these are shared in the spirit of simply demonstrating the value others saw in work performed for them.




“Joe has done an outstanding job acting as the voice of the enterprise customer.” 

Corporate Senior Leader, Product Development


“Joe is an executor of Ideas”,   “Joe did a great job challenging the status quo and backing up the challenges with data”,  “Joe was the individual who looks at the various market factors and [Company] capabilities to deliver viable forecasting. He forecasted within 0.3% of actuals.”   Senior Leader on achievements.


“You do awesome work and we value your work.” 

Internal Customer, recipient of Product being developed.


“I’m learning a lot from being here.  Never a waste of time. [I] am impressed with Joe, he’s right on point. ” 

Comments shared during an Issues meeting.


“Joe, you’ve been holding back!” Comments shared from Entrepreneur Mentor & friend when learning about Joe’s business skills.


“Your speaking translations skills are exceptional, the best I have heard.” Comments from Sponsor of Latin American teenagers while volunteering at translating their life experiences.


“What a juggling act. Joe Ferrer keeps focus on a multitude of projects…he acts like he owns the place.” Enterprise Senior Leader comments on “People Making A Difference” with Project Management Development projects.


“Joe always works hard to educate others so the team improves and can increase their collective performance.”  Co-Worker, Senior Manager