How do you strive for Great?


Answer?  Over time.  This does not mean over a long time, it just means things do not happen in a blink of an eye. Things simply take time to evolve.  They take planning. They take learning. Some things take failing.


In all things, it is a process. (Don’t read that to say “documentation”.) It is a process of evolution. One incrementally builds on what is learned, created, or revamped. In this process, it is important to always keep more than just the project in mind. What is each person getting out of this evolution? The answer should be “purpose”.


So think about your Plan, your Process, your People and perhaps most importantly your Purpose. If your Purpose does not line up with your project’s goals (i.e. your Vision, Charter, Business Plan) and your Team’s goals (i.e. Value, Worth, Respect),  you might achieve Good, but what you want is Great!













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Every Project Manager is different. Everyone has their own approach on how to make things work. Some are better than others. I simply believe in having a plan, thinking about a way to execute that plan, and then following a roadmap to set milestones and achieve deliverables. All these elements are the very basics of a project. Caring for these adeptly and successfully require skills that are unique to Project Managers. These skills are exemplified using the best elements of Agile (Scrum & Kanban), Waterfall, SDLC, and PMBOK. Any of these alone are not perfect. The customer’s use cases, your budget, timetable, stakeholders, and team members will determine your best approach. The ultimate goal is to get things done, to deliver.


In all this, I love people. I believe great things can be achieved if there is a purpose for when something is asked of people. So when a collective team is charted to work on a project, it is important to have a reason and a purpose for doing what they have been asked to dedicate themselves to. This makes it worth it and vital for when that extra bit of energy is needed to cross the finish line.


Here are some holistic thoughts I believe are grounding when it comes to Project Management:


Remember to Step Back

Remember to step back and look at the big picture. Don’t get consumed by the magnitude of your project.

Communicate, talk

Never delay in communicating risks (whether good or bad).

Rehearse Statusing in the future

Always plan on what you will communicate days, weeks, or months down the road.

Build relationships

Invest in relationships. Do this selflessly without expecting anything in return.

Encourage and Support Your Leaders

Support and help push your leaders to the top. Think about them, not about you. They do more than you realize.

Remember who pays the bills

Support and help your customers feel like they are #1, because they are.

Great Project Management Requires Depth

So do other ‘stuff’. It provides more context and depth for everything you do. It keeps you healthy and makes you interesting.

Do not fear

Friends, ‘Fear’ is Faith in the Negative. If you have to believe in something, why not believe in something positive?

The ‘Agile’ Mindset works

I love/loved the structure of Waterfall, but Agile is Waterfall on super-condensed steroids.

Never stop learning

Keep learning, asking questions, and probing. Be as inquisitive and curious as a child.

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